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In Neon Lights
Published on August 26, 2004 By Capi Crimini In Philosophy
Hell With my lack of motivation, my ease of doing things... i figure maybe putting this on paper... I guess this really isn't paper... but I am going to start my book... yes... of what... i have not decided... I don't truly want to do my life... but a true writer has to reveal there deepest emotions to the masses... there inner self... is that not what a great book is... even if that is hidden...? I don't expect fame or anything... I just always wanted to write a book. If not for anyone but myself.... I need Help you guys though... on ideas... I can always help others... but when it comes to my own it's a little harder... not a whole plot line... just some ideas to get my creative juices flowing... I figure a chapter by sunrise shouldn't be too much to ask for... I'll probably scrap the first chapter... It'll just be to get me in the mood and charecter mindset... that is if I can think of a good basic plotline before sunrise... So all Help and Ideas. would be appreciated.
on Aug 26, 2004
I just wrote about something in my blog that you might find relevant. Here's the link to a tool I talked about in my blog, and that you might find useful for generating ideas for yourself:

It's called The Observation Deck