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Published on August 26, 2004 By Capi Crimini In Philosophy
Since i completed the first part... I'll Implify it into these rules.

I. The Universe by Nature does not have laws.
___[A law by nature shall hence-forth be defined as a rule which is enforced]
______[Nature does not enforce it's rules by any noticable means. If persay the law of gravity should be broken there are no reprecussions.]

II. The Universe contains the mind

III. Humans create laws.

IV. Right and Wrong Shall be defined as such.
___[Right, shall be equated with the benifit one does, or attempts to do to society, or the greater of ones percieved group, and/or ones self.]
___[Wrong, shall be equated with the harm one does, or attempts to do to ones own or others society, greater group, and/or ones self]
___[Both of the above, can be defined to a singular action, as long as they follow the above rules]

V. "Good and Bad" Shall be considered equals to "Right and Wrong" in the same order. Though "Right and Wrong" should be considered actions and thoughts, more-often, and "Good and Bad" more effect and cause, as a norm not rule.

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