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A short
Published on August 27, 2004 By Capi Crimini In Misc
For when i write I like to have little things like this to read over to help me kick my mind and start thinking... so I thought I'd put them here... get some feedback on them or you can give me your own. I just take an article or something... take a name... then write a few lines about it.

I sat there on that porch. Sipping on some sweet cherry coke, letting it tickle my tounge n' throught as it slid down. The sun was down now... but i could see see it's glimmer of old Mr. Pattersons roof. The air was cold, and you could smell the rain in the air. I looked across our green, criss-crossed, matt of a lawn, past it, past the black street, down to Ama's. Her old old pa, was in his rocker. Ama was gone now. I hadn't seen her in a month. I missed her.

Sweat dripped off my cheeks, the blood rolling. I looked at his face, the skin surrounding his mouth had rotted, leaving a smile without lips, almost evil.
I dropped his body over under the statue. The shadow of the cross fell over our bodies like an x, marking our sins forever, his eyes gleamed down upon us, with sadness, with tears of stone. I dropped the body in the whole and ran.

"Ama, I love you." I screamed across the room "don't leave me again, please Ama, please. Just stay here, for my sake, for yours."

In the shadows of guilt lie the doom of man. For in man lies not the animal but the animal lies man...

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