DUN dun DUN dun DUN dun DUN dun... If that doesn't explain it imagine the Jaws theme in your head...
Published on August 27, 2004 By Capi Crimini In Philosophy
Well everyone wonders this... but truly. what more does it matter is one person does tehre job or not... I'm tired so I'll probably finsih this up another time... but here's the jist.

How much effect does the ancient man have on us? well of course without him we wouldn't be here... so if we weren't here. there would be no perception from our view, and without our perception things do not happen. As nature does not hold and record time. an event has happened it has happened. though all thought, this is the most modern ideal to date. If any further information comes out then this may change but for now this is it... that being said I will not say it again.

If nature does not itself hold time, as it is not a being, memory is our only record. Now to determine if an event happens one would have to determine time... our brain is said to consider on average 6 senconds the present.

Time is a perception, as it flow as different speads yet a constant. Such as one moves down a river, one can spead up and slow down, yet the river moves forward. One can not slow down slowwer then the river while the river is moving without effecting the river and causing ripples and negative effects.

so now in this proverbial boat were in we must determine our reason for being here.

I'll finish my argument later.