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Pregnancy n.pl.

The condition or instance of being pregnant.

Until now, also associated with women... but is this all changing?

First appearing in 1999, malepregnancy.com first recieved notice in 2000. Started by Virgil Wong, the site documented the case of Mr. Lee Mingwei. The first man to bear child. Visitors to the site could inspect a variety of documentary evidence about Mr. Mingwei's pregnancy (news reports, pictures, video clips, Mr. Mingwei's EKG)...


...keep in mind this is all utter BS, this site fooled thousands of people.

As for the actual science behind male pregnancy, it is plausible in theory, though highly risky and bizarre. A man would in this train of thought give birth by means of an ectopic pregnancy in which a fertilized egg is implanted in the abdominal cavity. This guy would also need tons of female hormones and pretty good life and medical insurence... although with the freakish aspect of it... a HMO might actually cover it, that or de-boneification. In the mid 1960's there was a case of Dr. Cecil Jacobson, who claimed to have sucessfully achieved a male pregnancy in a baboon. This is also the same Dr. Jacobson who claimed who impregnated 75 women at his fertility clinic, without their consent or knoledge. Oh yeah, and with his sperm, gotta make for a great child support bill. With this record he may be the roots behind the monkey boy myth...

The serious aspect of this is the vulnerablility of groups. Humans by nature feel the need to "fit in". Now it's known if the group does not respect the ideas of the individuals then the group cannot last long, as it is just itself individuals, this is why the thought of "majority rules" is so popular. But what determines a majority? If five people sit in a room and vote. One raises thier hand for, two against, and two do nothing, does the majority rule? Does the agressive determine the majority if the passive sits still... So we come to Provider, Follower. Shepherd, Sheep.

If the sheep cannot speak, the shepherd is supposed to make the decisions, the Shepherd, not being a sheep want's the coats, but in the long run the shepherd is not greedy in whole, he provides for these sheep, he keeps the wolves away, so the sheep and the shepherd come to a mutual agreement, the Shepherd leads them and protects them, and they will follow.

Without the sheep the shepherd is nothing, without the shepherd the sheep are lost and unprotected.

A decent system, also the system of humans. Humans are devised of laws and neurons, wether man decides to believe it or not, a fact shall always be a fact, unless it was never a fact. If there are outside forces such as God, or higher planes, this still stands, so listen...

Humans are like water in their purest form... with no shape, our container is what defines us.[religion can affect this ideology, but the outcome stay constant]. So as we grow we divide into two different categories, those of leaders and those of followers, generally there are less leaders then followers, and even followers can be on various levels of leadership. The more leadership you have the more people you lead. As we also known, since there are fewwer leaders, there is more demand for leadership. Supply and Demand becomes a powerful thing...

So as the years passed, as the time came and went, the dust turned into rock and back to dust, and man began see leadership as a enviable position. Now you sit there and think... well of course people would want that power it's great, everyone would want to lead a company or nation. But this is only an illusion, people only want the position because there is a lack of that position, a demand for it. If everyone in the world was a leader, everyone was a powerful talker and could persuade people, there would be a lack of workers, people would wish they were strong and powerful and could work in factories with machinery, they would glorify it and make running a company seem horrible and like what we see as a poor mans job. With the lack of workers, they would recieve higher pay and live in nice houses, while the managers and CEO's would work hard and get payed trivial sums. Of course this willnever happen in our society, at least not in any near generation.

So now what have we learned, that mankind depends upon a sheep-shepherd system, a triangle of responsibility to survive, that along with this triangle the supply for the top tier, the point, began to give them power, and envy among the bottom. Sadly not everyone is destined to be in the top, because of nature and upbringing, plus just the way society works.

So as time grew, two things grew with it, the need to represent power, and the way of greed. To satisfy the power people created money, way back the indians used horses, and farther back some used giant round dounut boulders, but no matter. This was important, and people wanted more... and then more... until more became defined as greed, a negative conotation, almost to make it seem "un-humane" to want more. Then again thats just another way to keep humanity controled, and try to cut down the overuse of things, so there will be a slight equality of things.

But power was not only described in just "money", respect, and just plain acknowledgement would conjur up this feeling.These followers, these sheep, feel so much prey to the supply and demand of this, that they would lie and cheat to achieve these goals.

Humans by nature, are trusting beings, also curious. We want to know our surroundings, so we make observations, but our mind doesn't scan these. We normally accept an idea as true after hearing it. Such as the MalePregnancy.com, have you ever heard the saying people eat ten spiders in there sleep a year, or even lifetime. These all root from lies. Not dead lies, just things people spread in order to gain this power, a little lustfilled taste of the tip of the triangle.

This is a more innocent reason of gaining this power some do it for money, such as cults, so what was the leason behind this? I'm still getting to it... in part two I'll finish, I'll explain my views on the governments of today and the problems, even the problems of the Triangle, this is all of course for a way just to open up your minds and get you thinking, I don't hold any fact I say to be 100% accurate, and most things are just in my opinion, though they are total facts to my knowledge. But like any human, I trust what i hear. though I try to be critical when I can...

So after learning about the sheep-shepherd thought, the triangle and the reason behind supply and demand for high positions, as well as how we tend to express that power. next session I hope to explain not only the reasoning behind the whole thing in a bit more detail, but as well, ways to improve upon this, to create a more even enviroment for humans and create a balance, but also ways to control and effect this process, as a sheep or shepherd. So you can try to at least see this epic battle of power go on in your life around you, and if not understand and help control it in a positive way. at least be aware of it.


for the reast please visit Abeeda.com

on Sep 13, 2004
Art Imitates Tabloids
From the mailbag...
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"Male humans becoming pregnant? Beside the obvious problems with nutrition to the fetus, think of the delivery!"
Dear Guide:

I was pointed to the Website www.malepregnancy.com and there is quite a story there. Evidently they are claiming this Mr. Lee is actually pregnant. There are biomedical facts and statistics, live video and photos as well as an interview.

Is this legit?

Dear Reader:

It's as illegitimate as they come. We don't even know who the father is.

The more interesting question is: "Is it art?" — because that's evidently the spirit in which this elaborate hoax was conceived.

"POP! The First Human Male Pregnancy" purports to follow the medical progress of a Taiwanese-born man who volunteered to have an embryo implanted in his abdominal cavity. According to the Website, the child will be delivered by Caesarian section when it reaches full term (the whole gruesome process is detailed here).

If authentic, this would obviously be a medical first — notwithstanding every "man gets pregnant" story we've seen in the past on the covers of supermarket tabloids (e.g., "Man Gives Birth to Healthy Son!" in a recent edition of the Weekly World News).

But it's not. It's an elaborate put-on conceived by artists Virgil Wong and Lee Mingwei. Both are members of a collective known as PaperVeins, described as "a multidisciplinary arts group developing work about the human body as seen through medicine, society and technology."

Male pregnancy:
Is it plausible?
Is it art?

Take the poll!

GenoChoice, the nonexistent research firm credited with providing the technical know-how to get Mr. Lee knocked up, was also masterminded by Wong (who, online records show, owns both the malepregnancy.com and genochoice.com domain names). "This is a fictitious web site," reads a disclaimer on the GenoChoice home page, "created to be an exploration of a very likely scenario that may one day result from new advances in biotechnology and infertility treatments."

Moreover, Lee Mingwei's bio attests that he "ostensibly became the first man to gestate and carry a child in his own body" [emphasis added]. A closer look at the site reveals that the "streaming videos" and "live EKG of Mr. Lee," as well as the "ultrasound video" of the fetus, are simply animated GIF images. They look precisely the same from one day to the next.

I.e., it's fake from top to bottom. But is it plausible?

Not very. Some scientists have argued that a male pregnancy is theoretically possible, but in reality the procedure would be so dangerous that the risks would outweigh any possible benefits.

Essentially what it would require would be inducing an ectopic pregnancy — wherein an embryo is implanted somewhere other than the uterus — in a male subject. In women such pregnancies are considered so hazardous (the number one cause of first-trimester deaths) that they're almost always terminated soon after diagnosis. Even if such a condition could be artificially induced in a male, the subject would run a greater and greater risk of hemorrhaging to death as the pregnancy proceeded.

I.e., it's implausible. But is it art?

Well, sure — if only in the sense that it's an elaborately constructed farce credited to two established artists. But there's nothing particularly original or groundbreaking here. In a deadpan interview, Lee Mingwei waxes indignant over the fact that historically the idea of a man bearing a child has been considered laughable. It's been the butt of jokes in folklore and popular culture from ancient times because it flies in the face of gender stereotypes in virtually every society, not to mention nature.

"Now that pregnant men are a reality," Lee asserts, tongue implanted firmly in cheek, "no one is laughing anymore!"

Ah, but they are. It's just the same old joke retold in a brand-new medium.

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