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Published on October 1, 2004 By Capi Crimini In Misc
can magnets touch? think about it for a second... visit my post at


and tell me what you think. Comment too. I mean this really is an intresting thought at least to me. I can put a few hundred more up like what learning really is, the faults of the word electricity. Or read the malepregnancy.com article... no it's not about the site. Take a few minutes. I can delve into the world of politics and stocks... Please guys tell me what you'd like to hear about. I like the discussions, thats what makes this intresting. i do it for myself too... but the discussions are my pinicle peek of preformance, from what i've found most people avoid the fun topics.

~capi crimm...


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on Oct 01, 2004
hmmmm. this is something that I have always contended, that NOTHING actually touches ANYTHING else in the universe, buit at the same time, EVERYTHING is part of the same THING in the universe. One part of a whole, being a part of the whole, can't really touch any other part of the whole because in touching it would be a part of something else besides the whole.

Make sense? Have a drink or two and really think about it.
on Oct 01, 2004
I'm adding your comment to my site, Abeeda.com,under the article, It's free to join *wink* ... I used your name, MansonM, with a password 'basic' in order to post the comment.
on Oct 02, 2004
That would be cool cept my name is MasonM lol
on Oct 02, 2004
changed it...