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Published on November 8, 2004 By Capi Crimini In Philosophy
PHILOSOPHY; a.) a pursuit of wisdom; b.) a search for truth throught logical reasoning rather than factual(?) observation; c.) an analysis of the grounds of, and concepts expressing, fundamental beliefs.

Having studied philosophy to some extent, I've come to regard the field a bit differently than most. While deep intellectual, philosophical discussions might be entertaining, they most often remain just that ... entertainment.

To me, a discussion of "truth" or of "fundamental beliefs" should relate more closely to the conditions of life as we know it and live it. By that, I mean not simply discussing "truth" itself, but rather in regard to, say, a solution to the Middle East conflicts or a solution to terrorism or overpopulation or ...

I've followed the discussions on "God", for example, and for each point that was raised, the usual and commonly accepted concept of "God" being 'beyond human comprehension' seems to answer it all. I.e., we've defined "God" as incomprehensible, yet we still ask 'why'. ...why? If "God" is IN-comprehensible, lets discuss something that IS comprehensible.

I think my ideas of philosophy are NOT a widely held beliefs. However, I thought I'd put this out for comments. Or perhaps suggestions as to where I can go!?

Baron Max

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